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Carne Crudo with Enoki Mushrooms & Black Truffle Bruschetta

7 Jan

This dish is from Manzo at Eataly in New York. It was one of the memorable dishes from my recent vacation and I feel it is worth blogging about for several reasons…it was beautifully plated, had an excellent combination of flavors, and for using Grass-fed Beef.

I had not previously heard of Piemontese Beef. It comes from a breed of cattle originally from the North-West region of Piemont in Italy, and considered among the best in the world for being especially tender and lower in fat.

I am a big proponent of Grass-fed Beef, especially after watching the video Food, Inc. (which I highly recommend),  and it’s my preference for the limited occasions when I eat Beef. As you probably know, Grass-fed Beef farms provide a more humane livestock system, a healthier human diet, less deadly E. coli, and elimination of feedlots that are filthy, require tons of antibiotics, and cruel to the animals. Manzo’s Razza Piemontese Beef is American-sourced, coming from Brewer Ranch in Miles City, Montana.

As usual, our preference was taking a seat at the counter rather than at a table, so we could watch the food being prepared and hopefully, get better service, which we did…the bartender was prompt, friendly and guided us in the right direction with his top recommendations.

I was quite surprised to see the meat for this Crudo being freshly ground up, right before our eyes, in the smallest, individual-size grinder that I’ve ever seen. I’m going to search for it and will put up a link in My Tasty Store when I find it (remember to check out My Tasty Store on the side bar of the blog when you’re viewing on a computer–unfortunately, it’s still not working well on mobile devices…it’s a project for the New Year!). The earthy flavors of Mushrooms and Black Truffles, together with the delicate Quail Egg Yolk, were divine.

We also enjoyed a Roasted Cauliflower and Romaine Salad with an Anchovy  Caper Vinaigrette. I will definitely be duplicating this salad at home!

Chef Michael Toscano, the former Sous-Chef of Mario Batali’s Babbo, definitely impressed me and I look forward to going back.

If you’d like to see some of the other dishes, here is a link to the Fall menu. Be prepared to get hungry!

What restaurant dish has given you inspiration to try at home?


Russ & Daughters – Pastrami Cured Smoked Salmon

1 Jan

Located in the Lower East Side of Manhanttan, Russ and Daughters Smoked Salmon can’t be beat! Luckily, they also ship and it is available to order online.

As expected, the place was packed on New Years Eve! But it was totally worth the wait to stand in line for some of their Pastrami Cured Smoked Salmon. This historic landmark offers about a dozen selections of smoked and cured Salmon, each with special characteristics, and as I was patiently waiting and debating in my mind, I thought the classic New York spices of Pastrami and Smoked Salmon had to be the winner!

There are recipes online for Gravlax or also Roasted Salmon with Pastrami spice rubs. I think Pastrami Salmon from Cookstr.com sounds pretty good, especially with the Potato Pancake and garnished with some Crème Fraîche. What are you eating to celebrate the New Year?

I wish all my readers, friends and family a Happy, Healthy and Delicious New Year!

Michael’s Santa Monica

4 Dec

Michael’s Santa Monica. I recently ate here for dinner with some business associates and sat outside on the beautiful garden patio. Michael McCarty, the Proprietor, was very cordial and stopped by our table to make sure our dinner was enjoyable. It was delicious and the service was excellent!

Michael is recognized for supporting the local Farmers Markets and the menu reflects fresh and seasonal fare.

I’m always on the look out for restaurants that provide a farm-to-table experience, supporting organic, local and sustainable cuisine, so if you know of any, please leave a comment and share your favorites.

P.S. There is another location too…Michael’s New York at 24 W 55th in Manhanttan.

Hot Pastrami on Rye

12 Oct

When I was in college, I waited tables at New York Stage Deli in Century City (in Los Angeles). It was a super busy deli and I made some pretty decent tips as a student. It also set the standard for me, in terms of what a great deli should be. 

I remember serving up many bowls of hot, steaming Matzo Ball Soup, and some of the best Pastrami and Corn Beef on the West Coast, served with delicious, crunchy, garlicky spears of Dill Pickles. If you couldn’t decide whether to have Pastrami or Corn Beef, a classic Reuben (with both), topped with sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing never disappointed! Most customers ordered their sandwiches on Rye bread. I never liked Rye bread until I had it there–I recall it had a tanginess like sourdough and the crust was always nice and chewy.

There was also cole slaw, Russian dressing, Beaver Sweet Hot Mustard or a grainy mustard to top the sandwiches (I love the Sweet Hot!). You can read more on Chowhound for details for some interesting debate about whether Russian dressing and Thousand Island dressing are the same. Unfortunately, that location didn’t stay in business (but you can still shop online or go to NYC!).

What brought me down this memory lane was a trip this summer to San Diego where I stumbled onto Tommy Pastrami. I ordered my Pastrami lean and To Go, then walked to the harbor where I sat in the warm sun and enjoyed a beautiful view. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

If you’re Downtown and craving some good pastrami, I recommend you give it a try. There are other locations in Orange County and Los Angeles.

What is your favorite deli?