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Thoughts After A One Year Hiatus

24 May

Well, here I am again, after no blog posts for just over a year. Last May, I had thoughts of revamping the web design and along with it, sharing in a new format…shorter posts, maybe a sentence or two, or maybe even just a photo with a comment…basically, anything that might inspire someone to try a new idea or to think about ingredients in a new way, and that I could publish more spontaneously. However, after searching for new designs, I never ended up finding what I really wanted, and so after all this time, the design is the same!

I have missed writing and being in touch with my friends/family/followers and appreciate all of you so much! I’m sure there will be times when posts are more lengthy, but I hope you’ll enjoy a more spontaneous format going forward.

So with that said, here’s photo of one of my favorite recent meals, served at Café Rouge in Berkeley…Prosciutto, Asparagus, a perfectly poached Egg, topped with Breadcrumbs and drizzled with Truffle Oil. It is one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area. What I love is that the menu always changes and uses seasonal ingredients. I’m definitely going to duplicate this one at home. I hope it inspires you to do the same 🙂



White Truffles – Mother Nature’s Best Perfume

22 Dec

There is nothing in this world like the aroma of a fresh White Truffle from Italy. This particular one is from Tuscany, and was served at Oliveto in Oakland. Lucky for us, since Antiquity, someone figured out that this ugly duckling is worth the hunt!

One of the best ways to enjoy them is thinly shaved over a fresh, buttered Tajarin Pasta or soft-scrambled Eggs (Parmigianno-Reggiano optional). So simple and so divine!

For a more affordable way to get that special flavor and aroma, I really like La Tourangelle White Truffle Infused Oil. It’s delicious when added to a vinaigrette (take any standard recipe and replace 1/2 of your Olive Oil with the Truffle Oil) or drizzled over Popcorn in lieu of Butter. If you can find 479 Popcorn in your grocery store, the Black Truffle and White Cheddar flavor is a real treat. They have gift packs online too.

Happy Holidays to everyone!