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Cookie Art and Brunch in Seattle

16 Dec

I saw some impressive holiday cookie art over the weekend, while dining with our friends at the Four Season’s Hotel in downtown Seattle. It’s a beautiful hotel, with views of the water from Art restaurant, and it is a wonderful place to enjoy a leisurely lunch. Another surprising feature is that it has some very reasonably priced items on the brunch menu. I couldn’t resist the Dungeness Crab Salad.

From there, you can easily walk to Pike’s Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum (a.k.a. SAM) or there’s plenty of nearby shopping. I just love Seattle, any time of year!

P.S. Stay tuned for more cookie “art” soon…



Restaurant Reviews for Los Angeles

18 Nov

Friday night, I had the good fortune to try Lukshon in Culver City for the very first time. It’s the kind of restaurant that is excellent to go to with friends–that way, you can share more of their delicious dishes. It was recommended by our waitress that we order 2 per person, and since it was hard to narrow down the choices, we ended up with about 9 dishes for the 4 of us. Here is a link to the menu.

Another new one for me this weekend was FarmShop in Brentwood. The restaurant is located in a marketplace where you can shop for gourmet food (both fresh or for the pantry) and there is a very tempting bakery as well. I couldn’t resist getting a blueberry streusel muffin for breakfast today! If you’re looking for brunch, this is definitely a good option.

And, if you ever want to celebrate a special event, Figueroa Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is a great venue. The decor is Moroccan and it’s a great escape from the ordinary and I especially loved the lighting. I was there for a party and we ate traditional dishes, like braised lamb, chicken with lemon and green olives, bastilla (with ground chicken, cinnamon, phyllo dough) and couscous…very tasty and excellent service! After dinner, we were entertained by beautiful and talented belly dancers…such a fun evening!

Where have you been lately? Would love to hear your recommendations!



Egg Salad Garnished With Smoked Salmon

25 Aug

Here’s an idea for breakfast or brunch…

Make some Egg Salad (I usually leave out 1/2 the yolks to lighten it up, and I also like to add a few dashes of dried Dill Weed, finely chopped Celery and Shallot, and just enough Mayonaise to combine so it holds together–if it sits overnight, expect it to get a little more moist and use less Mayo).

Tip: if your Eggs are very fresh, they can be hard to peel so instead of peeling the Eggs, a quicker way is cutting them in half, with peel on, then take a small spoon and scoop out the egg. It works really well!

Cut up a slice of Pumpernickel into quarters and top with the Egg Salad.

Then place some small pieces of Smoked Salmon to garnish. It’s so simple yet elegant and delicious!


Mushroom & Gruyere Omelette

3 Jul

Omelettes are wonderful for a satisfying meal any time of day! I enjoyed this one for lunch at K & L Bistro. Eggs are a great option for eating vegetarian, and I prefer a meatless meal much of the time. I love vegetables and just about any of them go with eggs.

There are so many ingredients for filling them, such as sauteed red and yellow peppers, onions, spinach (one of my favorites in an omelette!), feta, peaches, sliced prosciutto, crab, and more! They are also a great vehicle for using up leftovers, like a ratatouille, or sausage ragu.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea if making an omelette, you could also use the same ingredients to do a frittata or even just scrambled eggs. Add a salad of greens and you’ve got a quick, delicious and affordable meal that won’t heat up your kitchen for more than about 10 minutes!