No Time to Bake? Host a Cookie Swap!

3 Dec

I love the idea of a cookie swap and can’t ever forget about the voracious Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. This time of year is super busy for most of us, and this is an delectable way to divide and conquer! Of course you can plan one any time of the year, but a Holiday Cookie Swap can be particularly festive and a relatively easy way to celebrate the season together.

The idea, as you probably know, is that you invite friends and/or coworkers together and each person brings their favorite homemade cookies. Depending on the number of people and how many cookies you want to take home, I suggest each person brings 2-4 dozen cookies or perhaps 6 dozen if you want to use them for gifts.

Then, everyone swaps their cookies and you end up with a wonderful variety of delicious treats! You may want to suggest that people bring their own containers as well as their recipe to share.

Below are some resources for cookie recipes and inspiration:

Holiday Cookie-a-Day Slideshow from Bon Appétit

Martha Stewart Cookie App for iPad and iPhone

Martha Stewart’s Easiest Cookie Recipes

14 Guilt-Free Cookie Recipes from Whole Living

No-Bake Cookies from Martha Stewart



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