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Tomatoes from Verdure Farm

9 Oct

Although we had rain last week and our Summer seems nearly over, in Northern California, it’s still possible to find delicious tomatoes such as these from Verdure Farm in Healdsburg, as well as in the local Farmer’s market (and in your backyard if you are lucky!).

If you’re in the North Bay/Sonoma County, take a scenic drive up to 2476 Westside Rd. (a few minutes south of Downtown Healdsburg). I like to take to some empty egg cartons and then fill them up with the tomatoes. They’re useful while traveling, seem to store well in the paper cartons and nicely protected from getting bruised. Verdure Farm also sells squash, melons, eggplants, and pears, depending on what’s ready to harvest.

One of my favorite things to do with the really ripe tomatoes is to cut them in half, through the “equator”, and grate them on a box grater, making a delicious fresh sauce. Or, if you’re not interested in canning or pressed for time when they’re getting too ripe, whole tomatoes also freeze quite well (I’ve heard some people suggest you cut out the stem but I don’t–it’s optional in my opinion). Place 1 or more tomatoes in a tight sealing container or zip top plastic bag. They’ll keep for a couple of months and work perfectly for soups, stews, and sauces. Now is the perfect time to stock up so you’ll have a better option over the tasteless ones in the supermarket.

RECIPE: Into a bowl, grate the cut side until all you have left is the skin (toss that or save in the freezer to add flavor and color to a stock, then strain it or scoop it out). I find that keeping my hand flat while pressing the tomato on the grate helps avoid grating my knuckles. Ouch! Season to taste with fresh garlic (ideally, grated on a Microplane)┬áSalt, Pepper, a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and fresh Basil and/or Oregano (or even minced Jalapeno Pepper if you like a little heat). It’s delicious on pasta like Angel Hair, roasted veggies, scrambled eggs, or adding to a vinaigrette!