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My Tasty Store (du jour) for Special Holiday Gifts

10 Dec

As you can tell if you’ve been following my blog, I love sharing ideas! I’ve recently posted a limited assortment of holiday gift ideas (or for your kitchen), by way of My Tasty Store (du jour). My Tasty Store is a new feature on my blog and I anticipate changing it regularly.

On the side bar of the blog, you’ll see links to recommended cookbooks, gadgets, gourmet food items, stocking stuffers and so forth. Click them for details or to purchase.

Viewing on a mobile device is not ideal, but I hope to figure out (technically) a better way to set it up in the future. For now, on an iPhone, you can see the links if you scroll to the bottom of the posts. Regrettably, on an iPad I didn’t see a way to access it so you’ll need to get on a computer in order to check it out. If any of you bloggers out there have suggestions, or can direct me to a YouTube tutorial, I’d certainly appreciate your comments.

Sit back, relax and avoid the crowds! Happy Shopping!